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Nonprofits In The BC Lower Mainland Have Unique Needs When It Comes To IT.  We Know What You Need, and Can Provide It.

Your nonprofit has unique business challenges.  You face different demands than those in the for-profit world. However, just like them, you can reach your goals and better serve your community with the right, cost-effective IT Solutions.  You just need an IT Partner who simply understands what you need, and can provide it.

Wave Point Solutions knows what you need and provides it in a cost-conscious way. We specialize in helping British Columbia’s nonprofit community. Contact us at (604) 864-0992 (Abbotsford) or Toll Free at 1 (877) 864-0992 or email us at info@wavepointit.com to for a free IT Assessment, and to learn how we can increase your efficiencies and help you achieve your mission through better technology.

The cost-effective Nonprofit IT Solutions we offer include:

  • Fully Managed IT Support/Service – Our fixed-cost IT Plan allows you budget your annual IT costs, and have the peace of mind knowing your technology will always work for you.
  • Hardware As A Service – When combined with our Managed IT Support/Service, HaaS includes all the hardware, software, and management services for a fixed, monthly fee. No more wasted money on technology that becomes obsolete in just a few years.
  • Expert IT Advice – Most nonprofits need proper IT guidance.  Wave Point Solutions offers years of experience, and can guide your nonprofit in the right direction.  We’ll ensure you make the right IT, telecom and other technology investments that provide the value you need.


  • We offer exceptional customer service with professionals who are available around-the-clock, 24/7.
  • We help you with IT planning, budgeting, staffing, training, performance measurements, and support so you can focus on your core responsibilities.

With Wave Point Solutions as your IT Partner, your nonprofit organization will benefit from up-to-date, cost-effective technology solutions. For a no-cost, no-obligation, IT Assessment contact us at: (604) 864-0992 (Abbotsford) or Toll Free at 1 (877) 864-0992 or info@wavepointit.com