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Business Continuity

Business Continuity Is More than Just Data Backup. — It’s All About Readiness.

  • Is your business ready for any type of disaster?
  • Are you protected against IT, power and telephone downtimes? — Even against your own employees?

Most businesses in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland receive a failing grade when it comes to their readiness against any kind of attack. From:

  • Power outages,
  • Manmade or physical disasters, to
  • Data loss due to employee negligence.

Prepare your business and protect your livelihood, with Business Continuity from Wave Point Solutions.  Book a no-cost Business Continuity Review by calling (604) 864-0992 (Abbotsford) or Toll Free at 1 (877) 864-0992 or emailing info@wavepointit.com.  Our team will prepare your business technology for any type of disaster, and ensure your readiness.

What should a Business Continuity Strategy include to ensure your readiness?

  • A Backup and Recovery Strategy – Your business must have a comprehensive onsite and offsite backup and recovery service that backs up all data, and ensures your quick recovery when disaster strikes.
  • Power Protection –90% of declared business disasters are power-related.  Wave Point Solutions provides UPS protection and helps to ready your business with alternative power sources to keep you operating.
  • Email Continuity – Can your business keep running if your email isn’t?   Most can’t for more than 24 hours. Wave Point Solutions ensures you have a proper email continuity solution in place.
  • Telephone Services –What would happen to your business if your telephone services were down?  How would your clients and prospects reach you?  Wave Point Solutions has the answer to this problem.  Ask us and we’ll tell you how to keep your phones up and running when others’ aren’t.

The Business Continuity Experts at Wave Point Solutions help other Vancouver businesses prepare for the worst.  We can do the same for you. Don’t wait until a disaster shuts you down.  Ensure you’re ready.  Book your free, Business Continuity Review with us by calling (604) 864-0992 (Abbotsford) or Toll Free at 1 (877) 864-0992 or emailing info@wavepointit.com.