Looking For The Best Vancouver and Fraser Valley IT Services?

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Looking For The Best IT Service in Vancouver?

Accept Nothing Less Than The Professional IT Services From Wave Point Solutions.

Wave Point Solutions provides you the technology tools and resources you need to ensure your IT runs at peak performance. And it won’t cost you a fortune. We can integrate up-to-date technology into your existing IT infrastructure to enhance your efficiencies and productivity.  Contact us at (604) 202-3155 or email us at info@wavepointit.com to learn how. 

Our Professional IT Services help you save time and money, giving you the competitive edge you need in today’s fast-evolving world of technology. Take advantage of services that:

  • Provide safe and secure access to your critical business information.
  • Plan, design and implement business continuity and disaster-recovery solutions, virtualization, secure data storage, software updates and licenses, cloud computing, and more.
  • Give you peace of mind with our 24/7 monitoring and maintenance of your entire IT system.
  • Manage your network, computers, cloud services, communications, and mobile devices.
  • Provide relocation services to quickly and efficiently move your entire IT system with no disturbances or downtimes.

Plus, our team of experts is available 24/7 with quick and customized solutions to address any issues you and your staff may have. We promise that they’ll leave you with an exceptional customer service experience every time.

Accept nothing less than the best when it comes to Professional Services for your technology assets.  Call Wave Point Solutions at (604) 202-3155 or email us at info@wavepointit.com to arrange for a complimentary, IT Services Assessment.

Business IT Services

Wave Point Solutions’ Professional IT Services integrate new technology and applications with your current technology when you need additional resources. Plus we will manage timelines and costs to help save you time and money.

Server Virtualization

Wave Point Solutions Server Virtualization lets you easily access all of your critical data in one organized place. Your entire network is virtualized to maximize your efficiencies and ensure data is available at all times.

Cloud Backup

If you value your business, you simply can’t afford to lose a single byte of data. One lost spreadsheet or Word document can cost your business thousands in lost productivity, and perhaps, even your good reputation. Why put your data at risk? Don’t become another statistic.

Hardware as a Service

Wave Point Solutions’ Hardware as a Service keeps your business current with hardware and software updates. In addition, HaaS saves you money by lowering IT costs.