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Updates to Services

Changes to services are constant.  Usually there is very little impact to our clients and we work hard to make transitioning and updates as transparent as possible.  Sometimes this is not possible and our clients will be impacted.  This is where you can expect to find information about these changes and how they’ll affect you and your company.

Listed below are the most current updates:

  1. Changes to Email Defense – Our current provider for Anti-Spam services was once a standalone company that was the premier service.  Times change and while Email Defense is still an excellent product the company was purchased by a much larger company buying it’s way into the market which in turn has been purchased by an even larger corporation conglomerate who is shutting the service down in 2016.

    The move is to a new provider.  More information can be found here:  http://www.wavepointit.com/new-mail-filter/

  2. Changes to Hosting – Our current hosting provider has in the past provided an excellent and stable environment for our clients to host mail and web needs.  However, as time progresses this server has become insufficient for our collective needs and is no longer at the forefront of the hosting market.  As a result we are actively moving all web sites and mailboxes to a much newer more powerful server.  This will have an impact on all email users.

    Changes to your email configuration can be found here:  http://www.wavepointit.com/new-mail-configuration/