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Build A Solid IT Foundation For Your Business To Grow On, With Help From Wave Point Solutions.

Without a solid IT foundation, your business could crumble.  Day-to-day interruptions and downtimes are obstacles to growth. You depend on your IT to connect with your clients, ensure deliverables are on time, and your data is protected.  Without an effective and reliable IT foundation, you might as well close your doors.

Wave Point Solutions keeps your IT foundation solid and dependable. We build cost-effective IT solutions that last, support your efforts, and meet your unique business needs—not the other way around. Contact us at (604) 864-0992 (Abbotsford) or Toll Free at 1 (877) 864-0992 or info@wavepointit.com and we’ll tell you more!

Think about the structure of your house—If the foundation is weak, the rest of the building can crack, sway and even come tumbling down.  However, if it is built strong from the start, it will last and provide a safe and secure home for years to come.

Your IT structure is basically the same. With a strong, secure and reliable IT system, everything else will fall into place: 

  • Your staff can do their jobs efficiently,
  • Productivity will increase,
  • Your reputation will soar, and
  • Profitability will rise.

Wave Point Solutions keeps your IT strong and predictable with our enterprise-grade security and IT solutions, including:   

  • Business Continuity – Your critical business information is backed up continuously and automatically, and is recoverable when you need it.
  • Cloud Services – Your valuable business data is safe and always accessible. You and your team can share, edit and update data securely anytime, anywhere and on any mobile device.
  • HaaS (Hardware as a Service) – This cost-effective up-to-date hardware solution is available for a fixed monthly fee.  It saves you money, taxes and gives you a competitive edge over others.
  • Managed IT Services – Your IT will run at peak performance, with 24/7 proactive monitoring, help desk services, patch management, network administration, and onsite support.
  • Professional IT Services – Get the help you need with IT projects, setting up new environments, changing your cabling layout, relocating your services, and more.
  • Security Services – Wave Point’s security services protect your IT in entirety. We work to ensure external threats can’t damage or shut down your business.
  • Virtualization – Free up data-storage space by eliminating the need for physical servers and replacing them with efficient and easy-to-manage virtual servers.
  • Mobile Device Management – We’ll manage your enterprise- or employee-owned mobile devices, including mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, and laptops, to keep them up-to-date and protected.
  • Fixed-Monthly Payment Plans – The best thing is, all these exceptional IT services are provided for one, fixed-monthly fee. This keeps your expenses predictable, in line with your budget, and at a fraction of what it would cost to hire an in-house IT professional!

Remember—Don’t neglect your IT foundation.  If you do, it won’t be there when you need it most.  However, Wave Point Solutions is always there when you need us. Arrange for a no-obligation, no-cost IT assessment to ensure your foundation is sound.  Call (604) 864-0992 (Abbotsford) or Toll Free at 1 (877) 864-0992 or email us at: info@wavepointit.com