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Schedule Your Emails in Outlook Using Delay Delivery


Timing is everything – and this goes for email too!

If you’ve ever been irritated (or – ahem – irritated others) by getting a rash of emails at 2am from that co-worker who never seems to sleep, then the Delay Delivery option in Outlook comes to the rescue.

And it’s really easy!

When you are composing a new email in Outlook, goes to the Options tab on the composer window.

Under More Options on the right side of the Ribbon, you’ll see Delay Delivery.

When you click on this option, you’ll get a dialog box with settings. The most important is under Delivery options.

To delay the delivery of your message, select the Do not deliver before option. Make sure the date and the time are what you want.

Then click Close!

You can see that the Delay Delivery option is “on” because the button will be highlighted.

There are other options you can play around with, but this is the most basic. When you’re done with your message, just click Send and your email will hang out in your Outbox folder until it’s time to go.