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New Mail Filter

The existing mail filtering services are being replaced with a different equally effective system.

The old system was Email Defense by MX Logic.  MX Logic was purchased a couple of  years ago by McAfee who  has in turn been purchased by Intel.  Intel for some reason has decided to discontinue this product from the market and has issued an End Of Life notification meaning after a certain date no updates will be applied (appears to be January 11th 2016) and within a year the product itself will be pulled.  We are being proactive by moving all of our clients who use this service to a competitor who is at least an equal – Reflexion.

What this means to you the client is you will still receive quarantine reports but they will look different.

Here is a sample:


As with the previous quarantine notifications the quarantined messages will be listed and to the right will be the options to View, Release Message, and Allow From Sender.

For more configurations you will be able to click on Enter Your Quarantine.  Please note – your username is your email address and your password is not the same as your email password.  If you don’t know your password you can request a password reset sent to your email account.

When you Enter Your Quarantine you will have quite a lot of options not only for managing what’s currently in your quarantine but also with personal mail management.  We will provide some of the more important highlights here.

Clicking on the HOME link in the left side menu is probably the best place to start.  You will see the following:

reflx_lmenuProperties – here you can adjust your Account and Anti-Spam settings – Name – Enable Security – Content Filtering Threshold – Spam Handling – Quarantine Setting.  This will be set up for you and is a very sensitive area so if in doubt send us questions before making changes.

Allow List – here you can add email addresses and domains to your account that allows those addresses to bypass the filters entirely.  All mail from these addresses are exempted.  Be careful not to add common domains such as hotmail.com but rather specific addresses such as someuser@hotmail.com.

Block List – the same as the Allow List except all domains and email addresses added will be prevented from reaching your Inbox

Password – here you can change your password. You must know your existing password before setting a new one.  We recommend you change your password at least every six months.

Reports – here you can check for ALL MAIL that has entered the filter to your email address (or aliases).

Inbound – all inbound messages permitted through the filter to your mailbox

Outbound – all outbound messages you’ve sent through the filter (generally not applicable)

Spam – all messages flagged as spam

All – everything listed above in a single list