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Wave Point Solutions’ Mobile Device Management (MDM) provides a secure, efficient, and reliable solution to keeping all devices within your business up-to-date and running.

Looking for a reliable Mobile Device Management solution? Contact us at (604) 864-0992 (Abbotsford) or Toll Free at 1 (877) 864-0992 or email us at info@wavepointit.com to integrate Mobile Device Management into your business today.

Wave Point Solutions integrates Mobile Device Management (MDM) into our wide range of professional IT services. Our MDM services secure, manage, monitor, and support all mobile devices within your business; whether they be business-owned or employee-owned devices we can manage them all through our BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) services.

Devices Wave Point Solutions’ Mobile Device Management supports:

  • Mobile phones,
  • Smart phones,
  • Tablets,
  • Laptops,
  • Mobile printers, etc

We provide enhanced security for all devices Mobile Device Management supports; it is essential that all of your critical business information be private and protected, if a device were to be lost or stolen, we have the capability to remotely lock and wipe a device immediately. Wave Point Solutions’ Mobile Device Management services saves your business time and money; we control, protect, and configure your data for you to reduce costs and reduce business risks. We also have the ability to deploy mobile content, applications, and services in large numbers across your business for increased efficiency and productivity.

Wave Point Solutions’ device management software will automatically detect new mobile devices within the network and can send settings allowing the user to immediately start use of the device. Subscribed devices are fully automated, sent settings and kept into a history of used devices for possible future use again if deactivated. Wave Point Solutions’ over-the-air programming has the ability to also troubleshoot and remotely configure a single device or all mobile devices within your business and send software and OS updates.