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Marketing 101: This Creative Shortcut Will Help You Win New Business

  One of the most challenging parts of owning your own business is having to continually prove yourself as an expert in your field to each new client. No matter how many times it happens, having someone look at you skeptically as you introduce your products or services can be a blow — not to […]

What Are the Real Business Benefits of Upgrading to Windows 10?

Upgrading software can be a real pain — literally. Users are likely to be reluctant to learn something new, causing additional requests to help desk personnel as users get acquainted with a new operating system. The time required to install upgrades and get up to speed with any changes is rarely trivial, and there’s always […]

The Countdown Is On: The California Data Privacy Act Goes Into Effect January 2020

First, there was the GDPR, with organizations around the world scrambling to create cookie and privacy policies to ensure that their data storage and use would meet the restrictive standards imposed by the EU. For smaller organizations in the U.S., the GDPR didn’t cause quite the fuss as it did for multinational corporations. The California Consumer Privacy […]

Eliminate Distractions In Your Work Day

  Our days are full of distractions, from phones that don’t stop ringing to apps that don’t stop dinging. Each time we pause from one task, it takes us several seconds to a few minutes to get our minds back on track. This may not seem like much of an impact, but it can really […]