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Have You Applied These Critical Microsoft, Adobe & Oracle Updates to Protect Your Computer Network? Apply Them IMMEDIATELY or Become the Next Victim of Hackers!

Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday updates have been released – a total of nine updates and three of them are rated critical to address various issues in IE and all versions (6 through 11) of Windows. If you haven’t updated your PCs and applied these patches, you’re at risk for becoming victim to serious vulnerabilities that allow […]

Is Dropbox The Next Victim For Hackers?

Reports are spreading across the Internet like a wildfire about the latest hacking victim: Dropbox. But there appears to be some controversy. Why? Dropbox is claiming the reports are false. So was Dropbox hacked? Yes or No. Inquiring minds want to know! There is a series of posts on the website Pastebin with teasers, each […]

Important Flash Update: Update Your Systems Immediately!

Do you remember when the Internet was text only, speeds were fast, and information was easy to get your hands on? A lot has changed in the past 15 or so years. Now graphics and animations are expected, infographics rule our online world, and knowing exactly what every one of your friends is up to […]

Using Free WI-FI? Have You Considered The Security Risks?

Most of us don’t. We’re too busy getting all excited when we find some free public WI-FI. After all, that means we get to stop using our expensive cellular data and save some money, and who doesn’t want that? But is it really free? Cybercriminals have several ways to grab hold of the information you […]