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Reduce reliance on letter mail

Fueled by online commerce, the package delivery business continues to grow. But the future of letter mail is much less certain; in light of the ongoing labour dispute at Canada Post, many are questioning its relevance in a digital world. Some alternatives to letter mail are obvious. Many businesses have significantly reduced outbound paper mail […]

The danger of oversharing

Hold that selfie! As the summer temperatures soar, Canadians are leaving by the truckload to unwind on the beach or at the cottage. And while a Facebook update or Instagram photo might seem inconspicuous, new research reveals that Canadian homeowners are putting themselves at risk by sharing vacation-related updates. The information comes courtesy of a […]

Email Compromise Scams – Wire Transfer Fraud

Email Compromise Scams are the sophisticated fraudulent use of email to target individuals and employees that regularly perform wire transfers. The scam involves a fraudster creating a false email or alternatively, hacking into a real email account of an executive, business partner, employee or financial advisor in order to generate a fraudulent request for a […]

The Internet of Everything: Four Technologies We’ll Actually Use within Three Years

There is so much talk about the Internet of Everything, but how much of it is a futuristic pipe dream? After all, for nearly two decades, companies have tried to sell consumers Internet-connected fridges and microwaves, automated home lighting and heating systems, and smart entertainment devices, yet these devices have never caught on in a […]